Forbidden Society 'Thronecrusher' 2 x CD [PODEPSANÉ]

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Forbidden Society 'Thronecrusher' 2x CD. Handsigned. 

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After a sizeable period of anticipation, Czech Republic native ‘’Forbidden Society’’ touches base with his full length album project called ‘’Thronecrusher’’. Sublimely packed with an equally inventive artwork, Forbidden Society’s biggest project thus far comes in the form of a 2X12’’ vinyl package and a full length CD with an additional disc that contains a 55 minute jaw-dropping album mix.
The overall sound of the total project loyally nurtures fans of the signature Forbidden Society Recordings sound in a way that is refreshing and imaginative. A true must have for lovers of the harder side of Drum & Bass music and music with metallic taints. “I have been working on this album for the past 2 years. After my 'To The Threshold' and 'Resist The Pressure' LP’s in 2012, I wanted this album to be somewhat different. It’s my own take on that European neurofunk sound. From straight up rolling drum & bass to more experimental tunes, 110 bpm business and halftempo Amen smashers, there’s a lot here. There’s also a little oldschool influence in there, remember the reese bass...I miss those days! It’s been such a huge project for me, so much time and hard work but ultimately so much fun. All the mixdowns and mastering was by own fair hands! Anyway go press play, turn it up and enjoy.” Forbidden Society

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